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The best way to support the health of you and your loved ones, and fill your home with all natural products. We highly recommend it because there are huge benefits, huge savings and free products. It's also a great way to try something new every month. The only requirement is to spend 50pv each month.  50pv usually = $50.  If you are pursuing Young Living as a business, you will eventually want to spend 100pv each month, but you can start out at 50pv.

The Benefits to Essential Rewards (ER):

- Earn between 10-25% of every ER order, back in points (1pt = $1) that you can use for free products.  For instance, If you order 100pv (usually equal to $100) you'd receive 20pts ($20) to purchase more products.

- Months 1-3 on ER = 10% back in points ------- Months 4-24 on ER = 20% back in points ------ Months 25+ on ER = 25% back in points.  AND GIFTS GIVEN on months 3, 6, and 9 with a SPECIAL GIFT at month 12. Awesome!

- Also, earn additional free products when your order reaches the right pv amount (190pv, 250pv, 300pv)

-Change your product items every month, or keep them the same.

-Change the process date of your ER order.

-Add friends' oils to your order to help boost your ER total and points.

-No risk, cancel at anytime. (But spend your points first!)

-Access to exclusively discounted ER kits (Thieves, Ningxia Red, A.R.T. and more.)


-Log into your virtual office (VO), Click Essential Rewards and you will see "My Essential Rewards Points Balance."

-You may redeem these points (after 2 months of being on the program) by making a Quick Order (on left - this is not an Essential Rewards order) and at the point of payment, use your points to pay for some or all of your order excluding tax and shipping.  This is also a place you may pay using credit you may have.  Credit MAY be used for tax or shipping.

-You can redeem points for any product that has an equal PV to its price.  Most consumable products fall into this category.

-The maximum number of points you may redeem each month is 350.

-You cannot earn monthly promos by spending your points.

-You cannot redeem points for monthly specials.

-Those are the essential facts to the ER program. Adding friends oils to your ER monthly order can be an easy way to start this process.  Eventually we find that we start ordering things here versus other places.  NingXia Red, Nitro, toothpaste, house cleaners, shampoo, supplements, skin care, etc….It's wonderful to have a company you can trust when it comes to putting healthy products in and on our bodies!  And when you realize all the things you can stop buying at the grocery, health and drug stores, it helps make this so much more doable!!



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