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Hey Mama,

I'm EmmaSara a mama of 8 kids.  We are debt-free family of 10 who have been living in RV for the past 4 years and I still have my sanity! As a matter of fact, not only do I still have my sanity, but I have become a stronger woman because of it.


Not only have I learned so much about how to live in a small space with a LARGE family, I have also learned how to enjoy my husband more. Life has a funny way of throwing things at us to grow us under hard conditions, but if we can make it through the tough conditions we can make it anywhere!

This blog is a chronicle of our debt-free journey to minimize distractions, so that we can MAXIMIZE LIFE. Are you up to join me on the trip so we can encourage each other?


The destination is not as important as learning to love the road trip, yes even with kids!


Oh and by the way, I am also an: author, Certified Natural Health Counselor, Professional Gluten-Free Pastry Chef, and Compelled Lifestyle Instructor. I am passionate about helping you "Live the life you want to be remember for!"


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Enjoying Life

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