A Scary Day- Nothing Could Prepare Us!

In 2015 my son appeared to be sick. I wasn't too concerned because I figured it was something he would get over. We figured it must have been the stomach flu because he couldn't keep food or drink down at all. Plus, He kept complaining about side pain. So, we decided it was time to take him to get checked out.

The doctor sent us right over to the emergency room because he felt it could be an appendicitis. I was suspect however because my son had a history of not digesting food well and I knew my husband gave the kids undercooked grain which concerned me. When they took the x-ray it appeared to be a blocked intestine which upped his status to an emergent level of care which meant we were directed to take him to the children's hospital which was 4 hours from home. We got there late and they took more x-rays and told us he was having an appendicitis. I was still not feeling good about the diagnosis so I questioned them and I was leery of signing any papers to take out the appendix. So, that night I studied like a med student and found a ton of information on emergent treatment for an appendicitis. I also found everything I could on a blocked intestine too.

After my intense investigation of the potential issue. I asked that the ER if they would pump his stomach first or perform an enema to clear the potential grains stuck in his stomach. They were pretty stubborn and they would not perform it and basically they strong armed me to do a surgery to look at his appendix. I agreed upon the basis that they would not remove the appendix if it was not swollen or perforated. I got many verbal agreements from different doctors.

As it turned out they did the surgery and yes they took it out even though it was perfectly healthy, not swollen or perforated at all! They were bent on it being the problem, but what happened next concerned them all pretty bad! My son got even sicker! He hadn't eaten in 11 days and he was wasting away! They were talking about airlifting him to the Dallas Children's Hospital since they could not figure out what was wrong with him after a over a week in the hospital. I can't believe that I actually remained composed and focused during the whole process.

I asked the ER team, "Since they tried everything would they now be opened to my initial request to do the stomach pumping and enema?" Finally, they agreed and what do you know within 3 hours my son was on the mend!!! It was the undercooked grain stuck and glued up in his intestine! He had a blockage!! If you are wondering what happened post event, I did make sure to go to the very top of hospital management to have a meeting with their lawyer and doctors. I am not into suing people, so that's not why I had the meeting. Instead, I told them I want change! I also had a stack of medical journal studies that I was basing all of my requests on.

Since that eventful time in my life I really upped my studies on the importance of gut health and digestion. Not only does digestion impact our exit situation, but it also supports our immune system too. Some believe 70-90% of our immunity lies within the gut. So, adding supplements and pro and pre-biotic fermented foods can really benefit our digestive health.

He is now healthy and happy

There are also healthy eating styles that can be beneficial for healing and repair of the gut like the GAPS Diet and the SCD Diet. We have done both and they were really helpful. Adding supplements like Gut Connection Immune Balance can really get things moving. Country life is a whole food fermentate prebiotic that feeds the existing probiotics in your gut and helps maintain its lining. Maintaining a proper balance of good bacteria is a recipe for good gut health. So, feed that good flora with pre-biotics!

I had a couple of my kids try the Gut Connection Pre-biotics and here is the report:

My teen daughter has a very sensitive stomach and she thought 2 pills was a little two powerful for her, so we scaled it back to taking 1 pill at time.

My son who got sick reported that it helped to keep him regular, so he has been taking them as the bottle directs daily.

I tried out the Gut Connection Energy Balance and I did see a notable increase in energy and considering that I can have slower digestion the extra support was appreciated. I especially saw an energy increase when I combined it with Ningxia Nitro and Ningxia Red.

One other thing I found was the mind + body connection and impact on digestion and overall health. If a child deals with excess fear or anxiety that can also cause digestion and intestinal issue too. So, it's something worth being aware of. ,

I am happy to report that my son is healthy, thriving, and past his gut issues!

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