Anxious? Angry? Fearful? Maybe You Need an UPROOTING!

Breakthrough is FABULOUS!

When you have something uprooted in your life that has been under the surface but the SPIRT reveals it, and then plucks it up... BOOM! There is FREEDOM!

I had something stirring deep within my soul that left me with a deep anxious feeling. This was not a typical situation. I am usually stable when it comes to my emotions. I know how to take my thoughts captives and move on, but this time, I felt stuck! All the sudden I remember Tiphani Montgomery mentioning this week that the Spirit will bring things to the surface when we fast, which I have been, so that He can uproot the issue!

So, this was all starting to make sense. I realized I had a trigger that prompted me to remember a situation that happened many years ago. It is something I don’t think about at all until just recently there was an unsaid trigger! Sometimes things that surface are not an attack of the enemy. Sometimes it is purging taking place and prompted by God. Oh, it can be confusing because we think being uncomfortable or feeling pain can only come from satan. However, sometimes, we go through things that God initiates to bring about growth. Many times, in scripture Christ is described as a gardener, and if you have ever taken care of a garden, you know that pruning can bring forth lush growth!

This week I was not only going through the process of being pruned, but some junk was literally being UPROOTED from my life, which can be messy and painful.

As a gardener, I understand the importance of pulling up diseased plants from the growing field. When I realized what was going on, I decided to fast again to bring about swift and real change for all the parties involved. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I just knew I had to do what I had to do. So, with a load of prayer, I sent out a message via text and waited, not without some anxiety, for a response.

When I finally saw a notification on my phone, I paused and cringed…. Do I open it or not? Will it be a response that would cause further stress, or would it contain resolve and grace?

With hesitation, I opened up the message, and within the first paragraph, my jaw dropped as I read! I couldn’t believe it! I mean I was hoping and praying, but this was years of unresolved junk that hadn’t been met with such grace in this particular relationship! I just sat and read and felt a trickle fall down my cheek that took with it all the anxiety I had been feeling for weeks! All my cares melted away, and I knew that God did a tremendous marvelous work.

Freedom. Freedom. All I could feel was a sense of freedom from the chains that had been broken off not only the situation but in the relationship.

It is written that some things can only come out through prayer and FASTING.

This was one of those things…

Do you need something uprooted from your life?

Pray and fast, plus be ready to be uncomfortable and feel some pain. Then, be prepared to let go and or forgive or whatever it is you must do to be FREE. Listen to the Spirit and trust + obey!

Do you have an UPROOTING story? I would love to hear about it HERE!


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