Delish Bulk Granola Recipe

Granola served with plain yogurt and honey is comfort food in our home. My girls gobble it up when they get a snack attack. Considering that most granola is filled with sugar we opt to make our own when we can. Unfortunately, I don't normally measure when I make granola so it tastes a little different each time, but this one was worth noting because it was so delicious. It had a nice balance of salty, sweet, mixed with a good crunch that had me craving it! I made this batch to take on a trip for an easy wholesome breakfast.

I use a commercial grade mixing bowl that is HUGE.

This is how much I make... #TONS

My approximate ingredients:

Dry Ingredients:

29 cups Thick rolled oatmeal 1 cup Raw pumpkin seeds 1 cup Raw shredded coconut 1/2 Tb Cardamom 1 Tb Salt 1/2-1 cup Ground flax seed 2 cups Oat flour (this helps make little chunks of deliciousness)

1. Combine all of above in extra large bowl, set aside.

2. Then, in a sauce pan heat up until melted:

2 cups LIGHT olive oil or a light tasting oil of your choice (enough to have your oats glistening) **I buy Light Olive Oil from Costco 1/2 cup molasses 1 cup Xylitol 8 Drops Orange Essential Oil

3. Add to dry ingredients and combine with your hands

4. Spread on a cookie sheet and cook at 350F turning around every 15 minutes until it starts to brown. Towards the end, check it in shorter intervals.

5. Allow it to cool and store at room temperature. Keeps for weeks. You can add dry fruit once it is out of the oven. I also like to add orange rind to my above mix or vanilla. Get creative! If your mix is not crunchy enough, add more oil to your future mix. Enjoy!

** Note do NOT use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for this recipe because it will be too strong


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