Our New Normal has Arrived!

Life is a journey. I have been married 21 years and this last 5 years has been the most adventurous of all! Almost 5 years ago we sold our home in the country and went totally debt-free! We moved our then family of 8 into an RV and have since grown to a family of 10! If you want to learn some life lessons try living in 235 Sq ft of space! I have had the worst arguments ever with my husband. Yet, we have never ever been closer...

Yup, we are literally holding on to our seat because we are just entering our new normal as my husband embarks on a NEW exciting career as a engineer for a space launch facility!

This marks a new chapter for our family and the future is looking so bright! This job offer is literallyl a MIRACLE! The backstory is AweMazing! This is the biggest miracle of our marriage and we have experienced a ton!

Remember when your down to nothing God is up to something! This job offer literally dropped from the sky! Let the adventure begin!


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