Seasonal Irritation Issues? No Problem!

We live in West Texas land of the high winds! Mix wind and a high pollen count and that can cause some irritating reactions like red eyes and a runny nose.

Gratefully I have some tools to take care of these little "issues." The first thing I do is run my diffuser with 4 drops each of Lemon + Peppermint + Lavender Essential oil. (I get mine here) This combo is excellent to diffuse on windy days. I even like to put this mix into a roller bottle combined with a carrier oil to use on our skin.

He woke up with crusty eyes

Some of my kids are more sensitive to seasonal weather, and when we went on a trip recently they were needing some irritated eye relief. Unfortunately, we didn't bring our roller bottle mix or our diffuser, but I did bring some eye drops that I just got in the mail.

During the trip two of the boys had red, crusty eyes due to pollen in the air. One of my little guys actually got a stye from being so backed up with drainage.

So, I decided it was time to open up my box of Similasan eye drops. I was really hoping they would work. I tried the Allergy drops on both of my guys, and one had a very notable improvement. My second son didn't have as big of a turnaround, but it appeared to decrease some of the redness by the next morning of use. Also, a 3rd son who is a teenager was sneezing a lot and got a bloody nose, so I gave him the Allergy tabs to take on a trip, and he reported they also really helped. As you know any kind of relief is good relief when things are feeling agitated!

Finally, after I used the Similasan products plus diluted therapeutic grade Tea tree essential oil on the exterior lower lid of my little guy's eye, the issue appeared to clear up!

You have to love natural alternatives to help combat literally irritating issues!

Thanks Similasan!

Bottom Line:

I love that Similasan helps temporarily relieve the symptoms of itching, burning and redness in the eyes!

If you would like to try some out SNAG a COUPON HERE

If you are interested in why they work so well...

It's because it contains: Eyebright (Euphrasia) is intended to temporarily relieve minor symptoms such as a thick mucus and/or watery discharge, redness, and swelling of the eyelid. It also has Sabadilla which is intended to temporarily relieve minor symptoms such as watering eyes and eyelid redness. Both are flowers, therefore they are plant based and I LOVE plant based products!

What about you?


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