The Cheating Bride

She would not remain faithful. She kept going back to her lover. She kept being seduced. She spread out her garment for another.

But would she come back to her one first true love?

If you are not ready to be consecrated than just pass this by....

In my prayer time I heard, "The body is going through an assimilation."

The Word was assimilation.

(Assimilation: refers to the absorption of new ideas into existing knowledge. ie. Passover is an existing Biblical feast but a new idea for many Christians.)

My bride is being prepared.

I am coming for a spotless bride, not a bride that has been unfaithful.

”that He might present her to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish.

Not a bride that has been consumed with the love of another.” Eph. 5:27

The assimilation taking place is to restore what has been given away.

It is to refine what remnants of purity are still in tact.

This is a time of REFINEMENT and assimilation of the church.

I am literally sheltering my bride in this season.

I am sheltering her from the world.

My jealousy had been kindled and I am sheltering her from the love that has pursued and pursued her. (Love from the world)

The church is to be without blemish and I have made that possible with my blood but the wedding garments are still tainted with sin. (Because of personal choice)

The sin of Gomer.

(I hear the sin of Gomer)

(Me: ok I had to stop and look that up! Hey, I just write what I hear! I didn’t know who that was.)

The church has played a harlot.

My bride has been unfaithful.

She has spread out her garment for another and I am shielding her from the seduction.

I am shielding her so that she would return to me with repentance.

Oh that she would come back to me with weeping.

She has desecrated her body.

I see a bride with a wedding dress on...

( I see many piercings and I see tattoos all over her body. I see markings)

Then I hear again.

Did I say that I am coming back for a spotless bride? Did I say I am coming back for a bride, for a pure and SPOTLESS bride?

Yet her markings show her affinity for the world. She is marked with the markings of her lover.

She is branded. She has branded herself.

(I decided to look up the harlot after I was completely done and this is what I found. “There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. 4 The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. 5 The name written on her forehead was a mystery.” Rev 17 KJV)

How has she branded herself?

She has become inclusive. She has become politically correct.

She has made her altars that of the place of the golden calf and upon it she has set up idols...

Idols. (I see worship groups with voices that are magnificent but their sound is not the sound of heaven. It does not make heaven rejoice.)

The sound that comes from the place of idol worship is not pleasing to me, says the Lord.

The worship leaders are not only having sex they are having sex with their brethren.

They are in same sex relationships.

They are living like hell and worshipping on the altars they have created like the high places in Dan.

They have become a place of prostitution in what is supposed to be my temple, but don’t they know my glory has left!

For light has no place with darkness says, the Lord.

The worship is intoxicating.

It is like wine that swirls in a cup.

The people drink and they become intoxicated.

They become worked up. And they dance and dance around the altar of the golden calf. The altar of defilement in a place that is supposed to be called my own.

My bride has branded herself with the world. (I see a searing hot brand the kind you mark cows with. It is searing hot but the people have become lovers and seduced by the sound of the sear. They like it. They enjoy it. They find pleasure in the sear.)

But I say they have become like Gomer ]who whored about.

She played the prostitute.

She willing gave of herself to another.

But I have come looking for my bride.

I have come and I have taken her and plucked her from the hand of her seducer!

I have said enough!

The paganism in my house is detestable to me. The mediocrity in the church is loathsome to me.

My bride has become brazen. She dips her hand in promiscuity and wipes her mouth as if nothing is wrong, says the Lord!

Enough! Enough!

I have shut her in.

(I see a husband who has come for his bride. He comes and throws her over his shoulder and takes her away and places her in a place of safety)

(But I see the bride looking out the window longingly, desirous. She is waiting to be released. Waiting to go back to her lover)

But I the Lord most High have sheltered her in and I am surely wooing her back to me.

I am speaking to her and reasoning with her.

I am reminding her of my promises to those who are blameless and undefiled.

How can one be made blameless?

How can one become undefiled?

By repentance alone. By turning alone.

By leaving your lover. By returning home.

By sinking into the covering of the Lord Yahweh.

Oh that the church would hear what the Spirit would have to say. Amen.

———— I looked a commentary and found this....Family Connections—Gomer was the daughter of Diblaim, whose name signifying “double layers of grapecake,” speaks of one completely given up to sensuality. With such a father we can understand why Gomer became such a woman of sensual pleasure. She became the wife of Hosea, the godly prophet, and symbolized God’s grace in taking out of “a world which had whorishly departed from Him a Church to be sanctified by communion with Himself in Christ, as Gomer was sanctified by communion with the prophet The Saviour unites to Himself the unholy, to make it holy.”

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