When You are Down to Nothing, God is Up to Something!

Clinton has now worked a week for an outstanding company that pampers their employees! Oh my word! The PERKS!

Are you curious??

Here are some:

Free Housing- they pay our rent Free breakfast of a nice assortment Free daily gourmet lunch Free all you-can-eat snacks

Free powerful laptop Nice Boot allowance A sizable equipment allowance If he wanted to he could bring our dog Levi. Levi could get a work badge and doggie bio. 2-3 weeks paid vacation (I am pretty sure it's 3) He gets to work with some of the countries most intelligent fellas! This means my husband is going to really get smart. I mean he is already pretty gifted!

One day a week there is a family day and we All get to go to a company catered dinner!

Ok I am not sure if you are impressed or not, but people this is embarrassing to admit but our finances were so low the last half of the year my husband could ONLY afford boots from the thrift store! Remember, we live completely debt-free and he had a project issue which meant a huge reduction in pay + homesteading and building a home gobble up money quick! Plus, my husband was resolved to remain debt-free in his construction company which is unheard of! So, we had about 4 really tough months as he covered all our personal household bills and work expenses with cash which left almost none for personal expensenses .

Being that we ran a bakery for years, we had a ton of baking inventory so we weren't starving, but the Word says, man can not live on bread alone...

Every Shabbat my daughter feeds us with a Bakery Spread

So, there were weeks I prayed because my fellas didn't have enough snacks to keep their belly's filled at work. I prayed the Lord would provide.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think He would answer so incredibly!

I am a writer and author, but I haven't been able to write for months because my early mornings were filled with getting breakfast and lunch prepared for the boys.

Now, I am getting up at 5:30 am and writing for an hour and a half because I don't have to make him food. It's a win/win situation. I love it! I don't have to worry about Clinton getting fed because he is totally taken care of at work! Praise God!

Y'all my marriage was medicore but stable all these years and now it is VaVaVoom! My husband is not the man I married and I am not the woman he married. The fun part is we just went from living pay check to pay check to making 6 figures literally overnight!

NOW we live in a home that is TOTALLY paid for and own a 100 acres (modest for Texas) where we are building a 7,000 sq ft home on FAITH= DEBT-Free! Talk about AMAZING GRACE!

My husband is getting fed all day long and he will be getting some NICE NEW boots! We finally live in a home after 4.5 years! Plus, he got a NEW job when he was NOT even looking with a company that is EXTREMELY hard to get into, even for the CREAM of the CROP, with specialized degrees!

This is Yahweh in action and it is incredible.

Some days satan would slide doubts into my mind....

Some of my kiddos at church this week

What happens when time comes & goes and what you told your kids doesn't come to pass?

What if God didn't really call you to Beth El Shaddai?

Beth El Shaddai and my son Nile McMillion's Plane Kitfox 1000

What if your kids grow up only to question all the promises you thought you heard?

My response?

Get thee behind me satan! I submit to Yahweh and you MUST flee!

ALL of YAHWEH'S promises are YES and AMEN!

He has called us and HE will make it happen!

We are the head and NOT the tail!

We will not do debt to live comfortably!

We will not live in fear.

We will not stop believing.

We will not stop working to fulfill our call to raise world changers!

---- ☀️---

My friends, there are people who doubt if Yahweh is real.

But, our family is living proof of His handy work everyday!

His miracles are still for today. His word is true! His laws are good and beneficial for mankind. His Shabbat is made for man and we delight in it it according to Isaiah 58.

We are imperfect people who serve a PERFECT God and this morning I just want to sing of HIS praises!

---------------------------------------------------- BOTTOM LINE for those looking for GROWTH

I will end by saying debt is bondage. Yes, a believer can choose to take it on. They may even think it's God, but Satan is a deceiver and even Peter was told, "Get thee behind me Satan!" When he thought he had a righteous idea!

Whenever we live contrary to the Word, know this it is not God prompting you but the enemy.

I say that in love because we could be in the same predicament totally in debt and sinking! We could be crying out for mercy like we have before, but many times the Lord will allow us to suffer the consequences of our actions.

We went debt free before, but we then justified getting a mortgage + a second on our home for a remodel. God allowed us to, we even prayed. But BEWARE to pray for what is already in God's word. We can have itching ears! I know we did. Anyway, let's just say we know the difference of the blessings we received while in debt compared to the HUGE miracles we have received out of debt.

Rather than take on debt we would prefer to be poor + hungry + cold and yes we have experienced them all!

I share this NOT to bring shame but to give you something to ponder + pray about and consider.

I heard a pastor say, "We bring the feet and GOD brings the fire."
But if we bring the fire then HE will allow us to sustain it!

This leads to burnout and other things including despair...

This thought had me shaking in my boots. So, now I act with caution in EVERY business or personal decision I make.

I only want to bring the feet so he can bring the fire.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying blessings for our family this past year!

We have felt every one!

Have you been stuck or feeling forgotten?

Remember all of God's promises are YES and amen!

Check out our story of going from living well to living paycheck to paycheck and now to our current living situation! Here

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