When Your Daughter Makes You Cry... She Did What?

I just came across a photo! It was from my first sonogram appointment with my last baby, baby #8. I was just thinking about how my daughter Bijou has been such a great support through each of my pregnancies. She is such a servant heart. The world has Mother Theresa and I have Bijou. Not everyone has the gift or a heart for service, but she does. She is a giver, she is a servant. I can't count how many times she has surprised me with my room set up like a spa with everything on point, including dim lights and soft music. She does it just to bless me.

I am sharing this now because I don't want to forget a special moment I had with her during my pregnancy.

Well I should start by saying I booted her out of the RV one day. Remember, I didn't say she is perfect and neither am I!

For the first time since 2015 I was trying to fight back a cold virus and my body was tired and feeling the struggle was real. Anyway, Bijou can be overly green and technical and I just wasn't in the mood, so I sent her to work in another space. As I worked I was so tired, so I decided to go lay down. I went and plopped down on the bed and tried to reason if I should rest or grind. I convinced myself I would only sleep for 15 minutes and hit it!

2014 One of the many foot massages she has given to me over the years.

As I was laying there she popped in and I asked if she could put some Tea Tree oil on my feet to pump my immune system. I wasn't expecting anything, just a quick application. Instead, she went and grabbed my phone and began to massage my feet. She got out the foot pumice and started to work on my feet and all of the sudden a song on my phone began to play! It was a song that I dedicated to my mom many years ago!! It is called "I will always love my mama." I was shocked! She was playing that song for me!

2017 My 1st Sonogram appointment with my 8th baby

She doesn't know how I was holding back tears.

Actually one slipped out, but I wiped it away and praised her for being such a servant. When I was thinking about how I kicked her out earlier I could barely contain my tears, but I did because I knew if I did it would be an ugly cry!

So, here I am sharing about my daughter's heart. She is like pure GOLD to me.

I didn't mention her love language is WORDS OF AFFIRMATION, but it is...

To Bijou,

You are my jewel and a great treasure to this earth. I love you! Make sure to stay with mama and daddy a long time! Love, Mama


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